The Fourth Annual North Bank Beer Week!!!

That is right friends, it is once again time for the annual celebration of the world class beer scene along the North Bank of the Columbia River, which includes Vancouver, WA, Camas, Long Beach, White Salmon and more! Some of the best and most innovative beer on the planet is being brewed up here and this week is a celebration of that! From Sept 5th to the 14th 2019 all of the breweries, beer bars, tap rooms and so on will be hosting fun beer events! So check out the main events and follow your favorite retailers, brewers, restaurants for their individual events. Some noteworthy events ot consider include the North Bank Beer Week kickoff at 3 Peaks Public House in Ridgefield, the 4th Annual Shougtoberfest on Sept 7th at 54-40 Brewing , The Brewing Bridges Collaboration Festival on Sept 14th at the Pearson Air Museum and many many more beery events!

As for us at Ben’s, we have a jam packed lineup of awesome beer events planned! On Friday September 6th we will release a beer made by Ascendant Brewing with the help of our very own Ethan Edwards (cicerone), the beer is a Doppelbaklava (yes it has baklava in it!) and it is awsome! We will also be a part of the ExoBux North Bank Beer Week tour that night!

On Monday September 9th we are proud to present “The Future of Beer” panel which includes some of the most prominent brewers/beer media/retailers in the area talking about innovation and the future of beer, limited number of tickets available is a small tease for Monday’s event: Paul from Great Notion Brewing is one of the panelists (so there will be some Great Notion beers on tap)

On Tuesday Sept 10th, following up “The Future of Beer” forum, we have Seth from Mecca Grade Estate Malt and Justin from Dwinnel Country Ales to showcase some of the great new things this artisan malster from Madras is up to! Seth has a presentation on “The Future of Flavor” at 7pm and will be available alongside Justin to answer any questions! This event is free and a great time for homebrewers and beer nerds alike to learn some advanced level stuff on malt and beer in general!!

On Friday September 13th we will host the 2nd annual (Vancouver WA) beer can derby races The Beer Can races is one of the North Bank’s Biggest events so if you want to participate, plan your evening asap! This crazy week kicks off tonight at 6pm! Have a great week and please consume responsibly. Cheers!