4th Annual Ben's IPA Invitational!

Normally, we do this event during Ben’s Beer Week, but we wanted to do expand upon it! So we are hosting this fun, very unscientific contest on Saturday July 6th from 12pm to 7pm! Stop in and help select the best IPA in all of the land (contained in Washington & Oregon). We're hosting our 3rd annual IPA Challenge. Based on a very thorough & scientific accounting of blind taste test results, the 2019 winner will be determined by the palates of the people! So, if you (of legal drinking age) feel like picking your favorite IPA out of a flight of IPAs in which you have no idea what IPAs you are drinking, then you should join us. Judging things is great fun, and your vote will count! More details https://www.facebook.com/events/2371315563193910/

Entrants will be chosen by

Beer Nerds Facebook Group Vote (representing the self distro breweries)

Ben’s Mug Club Entrant

Ben’s Staff Choice

Columbia Distrubiting

Maletis Distributing

Corwin Distributing

Orcas Distributing

Craig Stein Beverage

Previous Winners

  • 2016 Breakside IPA

  • 2017 Georgetown Bodhizafa

  • 2018 Matchless IPA

This is just a fun event to try and vote on some IPAs!