Ben's Beer Week 2019!

We hope everyone’s 2019 has started of well. We have some great things planned this year, starting with our Fourth Annual Ben’s Beer Week starting Feb 8th! Ben’s Beer Week is our own celebration of beer, local and beyond! This year we have several collabs we have been working on that will be released, one with Grains of Wrath Brewing and one with Matchless Brewing! We also have a weeks worth of showcases and events…

Current Events Lineup

Feb 8th - Ascendant descends on the 'Couve’

Feb 9th - Dwinell: There will be a Bottle Release (and drafts)

Feb 12th - Fun Run/ Stouts and shenanigans with Ordnance Brewing!

Feb 14th - A Most Gigantic Valentines Day with Gigantic Brewing

TBD - Matchless/Ben’s Collaboration release

TBD - Grains of Wrath/Ben’s Collaboration release

More to come!