The Fort George Matryoshka's Are Comming! (Updated 11/7)

This Saturday is the big day! Here is a quick rundown of how we will handle the limited amount of extremely rare bottles of Matryoshka we received.

Interested in purchasing the limited Fort George bottles at Ben's on Saturday? Please read below!

😀let us know at the bar--in person, on Saturday, starting at 12pm--that you'd like a chance to purchase said bottles. 
😀we will give you 1 (ONE) free raffle ticket (one ticket per person).
😀we will put this raffle ticket in our raffle chalice. (it is a giant Orval chalice which is pretty cool too!)
😀we will begin drawing winning raffle tickets from our raffle chalice at 3pm (the start of the event). 
😀raffle winners will have an opportunity to purchase 2 (TWO) of the very special, very limited Fort George bottles available at Ben's during the event on Saturday. (Winner’s choice depending on what is available)
😀winners must be present at time of drawing in order to purchase their choice of bottles. 
😀repeat winners will be politely declined.
😀we will be raffling off chances to purchase the bottles starting at 3pm, and running through the end of the event (6pm). 
😎🦕🍀One pair of tix to 2019 Festival of the Dark Arts will also be raffled off at some point between 3pm and 6pm.

Yes folks you read that right we will be raffling Two Tickets to 2019 Festival of Dark Arts in Astoria (one of the country’s most exciting beer festivals!)

We're excited to announce that we're hosting a Fort George extravaganza! We'll be featuring a number of 2018 Matryoshka variants on tap, and in bottles (+ a 2017 surprise???). We'll also be pouring a selection of FG's saison-inspired brews--including barrel-aged, spiced, fruited, and/or Vortexed options! Some of Fort George’s core classics will also be available on tap. We'll announce the specific brews as we move closer to the event, so keep your eyes peeled... This will likely be the biggest event we have ever hosted!
In the meantime, definitely mark your calendar... this range of Fort George works of art rarely gathers outside of Astoria!

As of right now, the bottles will be available at open and drafts and Fort George including David Coyne Fort George’s Barrel Barron will be here at 3pm!

Limited Bottle List (more updates coming soon!)

Limited Bottles:
1. 2017 Matryoshka w/ cocoa nibs 
2. Dragon Bone (mixed culture saison w/ ginger & honey)
3. Bourbon & Pinot Barrel Matryoshka
4. 2017 Matryoshka w/ raspberries & cocoa nibs

1. 2018 Matryoshka w/ vanilla beans
2. 2018 Matryoshka w/ vanilla bean & marrionberries
3. 2017 Matryoshka w/ cocoa nibs
4. Matryoshka w/raspberries
5. Strange Aeons
6. The Hammock District (bonus points for going old school Simpsons on the name!)
7. Vortex Saison
8. Dragon Bone

The ever elusive Raspberry Matryoshka!

The ever elusive Raspberry Matryoshka!